Handwritten notes,
simple & beautiful

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Handwritten notes,
simple & beautiful

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Take class notes on iPad

your notebooks

The Fluid bookshelf keeps your notebooks organized in a visual manner to help with all your iPad note taking needs. Tap any notebook to open it directly to the last edited page. Drag and drop notebooks to change the order, change cover styles and join notebooks together to create groups. All of these features will make sure your iPad notes are always just a touch away.

magnified view

No squeezing, no pinching, no three-finger gesticulation. The Fluid trackpad pops up when you need it. It gives you a high resolution scaled view of where you are writing so you can see what you're doing and write tiny without having to stick your nose on your iPad. As you write, Fluid will move that window so that you can continue to write without thinking about moving forward or returning to the beginning of the line. iPad note taking is now easier than ever, whether you choose to type your notes or write them by hand, both using Fluid Notes.

Handwriting notes on iPad
Taking notes on iPad

to the cloud

Fluid can import and export notes and notebooks as PDF documents. When you export to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or Box, your notes are produced in a PDF format, with or without the paper depending on your preference. You can share your remote folder with friends and they will be able to import your PDFs back into their Fluid application. This is a great way to share iPad notes.

Oh yeah,
one last thing...

Fluid can import PDF documents and lets you write on top of them like any other paper.

Imagine this... You're on the field meeting a client at a coffee shop to go over a contract. You view the contract from your email or a cloud storage in Fluid. Review and have your client sign. Export the signed document back to email or the cloud and your colleagues back at the office can start working while you finish your latte. All from within Fluid.